5 top battery packages are proven reliable and fault free

Solar PV systems with Battery Storage

Our business has evolved from just offering Solar, to now offering Solar PV systems with Battery Storage. Nearly every client enquiry asks about battery storage. If they can leave the grid altogether, or the site is too difficult to get access to the grid. We can certainly help whatever your motivation is. Read more about Off Grid Living

We pride ourselves on honest advice and our technical & product knowledge. Sometimes battery storage is the solution, often it’s not but we will be upfront.

ACDC ENERGY were one of the leading suppliers as part of the recent QLD Government’s Solar and Battery scheme. Completed at the end of 2019.

Achieving “Industry Best Practice”. Each installation under the scheme was independently audited.

Whilst there were a variety of systems available as part of the Scheme, ACDC ENERGY only offered select brands of systems or pairings of inverters and batteries. Our extensive Industry experience and close manufacturer ties, allowed us to be selective on what we offered. We know what would work and what doesn’t.

So it isn’t any accident that the best performing batteries that have emerged out of the 3 year testing program just happen to be the battery products that ACDC ENERGY offers as part of our product line.

In April 2020, the results of this program were released, and we’re proud to announce the core of our battery packages were top performers.

ACDC ENERGY are QLD’s Battery Energy Storage Specialist.
Battery Storage solutions

What did the testing involve?

Conducted over three years, the Australian Lithium Ion Battery Test Centre compared a number of lithium-ion battery chemistries and products available in the Australian market.

It tested them under Australian conditions with the goal to provide consumers with independent and unbiased information on battery performance.

Throughout the test, each battery was cycled (that is, charged and discharged) three times each day. This meant that over the three year test period the performance of each battery would be expected to “degrade” like a 9 year old battery would at an average home.

The testing commenced in June 2016, with a second phase in June 2017 adding more batteries to the trial. 

The test looked at:

  • Battery performance in a range of high and low temperatures
  • Reliability
  • Changes to battery storage capacity over time
  • Energy efficiency
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Comparison of battery performance against manufacturers’ claims

5 top battery packages revealed!

In the latest test report, the Australian Lithium Ion Battery Test Centre found only the Sony and Samsung battery packs were able to retain over 80% of their initial capacity after 2000 cycles with no replacements. 

Added later in the test, the Pylontech is also on track to achieve this result.

The test also identified five battery packages that have proven reliable and fault free:

  • Sony – as used in FRONIUS
  • Samsung – SUNGROW
  • Tesla 
  • Pylontech
  • GNB Lithium

5 top battery packages

To see the results of all the battery technology tested and 5 top battery packages, you can read the full test report here.

ACDC ENERGY as one of QLD’s only Solar & battery energy storage specialists that offer all the 5 top battery packages listed within Test results.  We only allow those that pass rigorous testing.

5 top battery packages

Our solar battery packages use the leading technology

Our Sungrow battery has Samsung SDI battery cells at its core, while our Redback Smart Hybrid System uses the Pylontech battery.

We are “GOLD” Partners for the Redback systems (Pylontech) and we are TESLA certified.

We offer SONNEN which also has the Pylontech batteries now, having moved from the Sony battery range

The testing found the Samsung battery pack (along with Sony) held over 80% of initial capacity after over 2000 cycles, which is the equivalent of six years.

The Pylontech battery pack (which was introduced later during phase 2 of the test) is also on track to achieve a similar result.

5 top battery packages

Pylontech battery technology is in our ON grid solar and battery packages. Both Redback & Sonnen systems and our OFF grid packages also utilise the Pylontech battery ranges.

Battery storage

So you might ask why is ACDC Energy regarded as Battery storage experts?

Well, it’s no coincidence that the best performing batteries within the testing regime just happen to the same brands and models of batteries that ACDC ENERGY supply as our core range.

It’s also comforting to know the company you’re dealing with has been awarded for the quality of their work.

Government independent Audits of our installations and design of our systems having taken out a Prestigious Award for “BEST OFFGRID & HYBRID SYSTEM IN AUSTRALIA”.

This award was judged by Industry professionals, our peers & competitors. We think there’s no higher accolade than being awarded this from those that know and participate in this field.

So while we are still in the early stages of the Battery revolution, we are leading the transition and promoting the technology at every opportunity.

If you’re wanting to investigate the possibility of batteries at your home or business, come and talk to ACDC ENERGY. You’re in good hands.

Terry Davis
Managing Director at ACDC Energy PTY LTD