How to save energy in your home

The time of Smart use of using energy has arrived.

We all want a low Utility bill or energy bill. Until recently (prior to 2005 QLD) it wasnt really a large problem.(lower kWh charges). However now many people, colleagues and friends, while they used to discuss the cost of the mortgage or interested rates, have moved to the cost of food and the cost of the Utilities or electricity bill.

The energy charges are putting stress on many households and some people are now behind on payments to the Utility. (If you get a red bill , it means you are behind!). The electricity companies are giving at household level 3 to 4 months credit before you get the invoice and have to pay. I.e. you have already used the energy and are in debit. So you cant alter energy use it once you have used it..

What can we do to lower the stress or the bill without investing in large asset purchases , for example buying a solar system?

There is much you can do, to help yourself. First and foremost , spend some time to understand the Utility bill and how you are being charged.



Next is learn how to read your meter , (digital meter assumed)


Once you know how you are being billed and what you are using you can then start to look at ways to better buy , better use and reduce your energy load. If possible shop your energy bill around, there are savings to be made here. Watch out for “contract break fees” before you enter a new or leave an old contract!

Look at the large uses of energy being wasted energy, Air conditioners, Pools. (see my earlier postings on these), lighting , hot water . etc.

You can make large charges by either swapping out your lighting globes and or fixtures. often reductions here are 50-80% on the lighting load. Paybacks on new lighting is normally 18 months to 3 years. That’s a great return and reduction. Gret advice on the link below.


The hot water ensure you are buying it on the cheapest (economy) tariff, the right size system for your family. Insulation, and lower flow shower heads, will also help here on the water use and energy use.

Aircons ensure its turned off , if you aren’t in the room. Ensure the temperature is set right. No use being covered up in blankets , while the aircon is running! Why not fit a ceiling fan, they are very cheap to run reasonable to buy and can help on the hotter days ensuring you dont always use the aircon.

A big one is insulate the walls and the ceiling of your home. This can help reduce your heating and cooling cost by 20%. It is well worth the cost and effort.

About 7-10% of energy is wasted in a home by leaving devices on and leaving them on for longer periods then required. So simply be aware of this, encourage and engage the whole family to turn devices off. E.g. Desktop PC’s can use a large about of energy being left on over night!

Go to it quick wins, at low costs.

Terry Davis
Managing Director at ACDC Energy PTY LTD